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Wesley Apartments opened in February 2010 and provides accommodation and support for the families of sick children at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Wesley Apartments is a unique service comprising six, two bedroom apartments fully furnished with all the modern conveniences.  The objective of the apartments is to provide a home-away-from-home to families facing a serious crisis. It is a situation no one would like to experience, but for families whose child suddenly ends up in intensive care, being able to be at their bedside every waking moment becomes critical for both parent and child.

Since the opening of Wesley Apartments in February 2010, it has become increasingly evident that the need for such a service greatly outweighs the current supply. Families are travelling from all over Australia and surrounding islands in search of treatment at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Wesley Apartments works with the CAFAT organisation, in providing accommodation for families from New Caledonia travelling to Australia for cancer treatment. It provides a home for approximately six families each year through this program.

As much as Wesley Apartments would like to accommodate and help everyone, this is just not possible with only six units, but dozens of families in need. Since opening there has been a constant waiting list of five or more families. With Ronald McDonald House and the hospital’s hostel at full capacity, there are families that do not have the option to be by the bedside of their sick child.

Accommodation and support at Wesley Apartments has been provided for over 100 families to date, with families staying an average of anywhere between two weeks and 13 months.

As Wesley Apartments does not receive any government support or assistance, it relies primarily on donors. Our aim is to raise enough money to pay off Wesley Apartments’ bank loan, and in the future have more units available so we can offer more supportive accommodation for more families in need at a more affordable price.